The standard Leon Drexler hat has what’s known as a bare or bald finish. That means the felt has virtually no nap and is intended to have a smooth, matte appearance. This is the most typical finish for a casual fedora.

A satin finish has a longer nap with aligned fibres that reflect more light, much like a satin weave, therefore giving the hat a more lustrous appearance. The Venetian finish is Leon Drexler’s rendition of this look, so named because the objective here is a very mellow, elegant sheen reminiscent of Venetian fabric, a type of worsted wool suiting.


A Little Lustre

A Little Lustre

The Venetian finish is perhaps most effective as a way to add a more luxurious patina to those hats that already have a somewhat dressy character—the Budapester and the Stroller for example. However, it is by no means limited to such, and can be used as a style element in many other hats.

This type of finish requires a little bit more maintenance than a bare finish. To that end, Leon Drexler has devised a buffing pad which is included in the price ($85 supplement). Combined with regular brushing, it will help to refresh the spiffy look of the finish when disrupted by routine wear.

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