The Leon Drexler label was launched by Stephen Temkin in 2009. Temkin, a writer, designer and avid hat wearer, spent over two years seeking out the old tools and researching the techniques required to pursue what was a nearly forgotten métier: the traditional handcrafting of high-quality, soft felt dress hats for men.

The objective of the Leon Drexler company is simple: to offer a truly great hat. That means using the finest materials available, employing a scrupulous concern for craft and detail, and providing a very high level of service with regard to fit and style. Each hat is blocked, refined, constructed, shaped and trimmed by Temkin himself. They are intended for those men who appreciate un-compromising quality, artisanship, authenticity and discerning design.

The Features of a Leon Drexler Felt Hat
A Devotion to Classic Quality and Style

set of hat blocks from the 1930s

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All Leon Drexler hats are made to order. Please refer to the Ordering page for details. Also, by reviewing the pages of this website, particularly the Portfolio Collection and Custom pages, you will gain some insight into the various options concerning style and detail, a good starting point for your consultation with the hat maker. Moreover, the Hat Primer and the Reference page offer lots of additional information you will find useful.

When you are ready to proceed, or if you simply require more information, please contact Stephen Temkin by email at, or by phone at 647-764-9537.

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antique hatter’s irons, still in use

Temkin in his trimming studio

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100% Beaver Felt

Felt for hats is most typically made from wool, rabbit, hare, beaver, or various blends of these materials. But pure beaver is indisputably the finest due to its weather resistance, its remarkable durability, its light weight relative to its great tensile strength, and its soft, luxurious hand.

Pure Silk or Linen Lining

The lining for each Leon Drexler hat is individually tailored from either 40-momme pure silk duchesse or a similarly fine, open-weave Italian linen. Pure silk enhances the comfort of a hat through its effective thermal and moisture wicking properties. For those seeking a cooler option, the open-weave linen offers greater breathability.

Sheepskin Leather Sweatband

Often called “roan” leather, this full-grain, vegetable tanned leather is considered the finest for hats because it provides just the right structural balance between sturdiness and suppleness. The sweatband can be imprinted with your name, initials, or other small inscriptions.

Old-Fashioned Construction

All of the components of a Leon Drexler hat——the felt, lining, sweatband, ribbon and bow——are carefully sewn together. There is no use of glue or other construction shortcuts. This maintains the integrity of the felt and, if ever required, allows for proper refurbishing or repair.

Made to Measure

All Leon Drexler hats are made to fit your precise head size and personal wearing preferences, not your commercial hat size.

Styled by Hand

Instead of being pressed into a standard shape on pre-styled blocks, the crown of every Leon Drexler hat is fashioned by hand. This enables subtle and individual nuances of form and contour. It also endows the hat with a more sensuous, organic quality and the relaxed, fluid lines that best show off the character of fine felt.

Astute Design

Of course, from classic to hipster, a great hat is also about style. Whether you prefer a custom design or admire a model from the Drexler Portfolio, you will be assisted in selecting the style, proportions and details that best suit your physical features, wardrobe and lifestyle.

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