“Chacun à son goût”

Four different customers…

One wants a dark blue fedora of substantial proportions. That means a full crown, a serious brim, and a wide blue ribbon. Not a problem: he gets a majestic blue hat. Striking.

Another wants a classy but hip looking city hat. We go with cocoa brown, a more tapered, shallower crown, a very narrow brim, and an overtly contrasting grey-green ribbon with a nifty little two-tone detail in the knot. Cool.

Yet another likes the hand-bashed look of the Scribbler, but wants the informal feel of a brim that angles downward all around the hat. In charcoal grey with a narrow white-gold ribbon, the look is rich and rugged. Handsome.

A fourth customer’s request is simple: a traditional black fedora of ample scale and balanced proportions. A very fine grosgrain ribbon of pure silk adds some spit and polish. Classic.

You see the point: “to each his own taste.”

Price Overview for Custom Hats

Custom prices start at $640 for a standard weight, pure beaver, made-to-measure, silk- or linen-lined, fedora-style hat (and variations thereof) with a standard bare finish, raw-edged brim and heirloom grosgrain hatband.

Supplemental charges are added for the following features:

Venetian finish - $85 (includes a buffing pad, learn more)

Galloon edge (bound standard brim) - $45

Curled brim, raw - $40

Curled brim, bound - $135 (see the Budapester to learn more)

Pure silk ribbon - $15 to $40 (price varies according to width)

Free options include the following:

Angora finish (learn more)

Welterweight crown (learn more)

Perforated sweatband or crown eyelets for enhanced ventilation

Other special requests may incur supplemental charges—please inquire. All hats include a good quality box designed for efficient storage and transport.

All prices are shown in Canadian dollars.

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