Stephen Temkin is a native of Toronto, Canada, and resides with his wife in the downtown neighbourhood known as Beaconsfield Village. His home studio is just a short stroll from the historic garment district where some of his ancestors worked as tailors and dressmakers. You could say his interest in sartorial matters has been somewhat bred in the bone.

As a younger man, Stephen was a student of fine art and design. Before setting his gaze upon the crafting of fine hats, he was also known locally as a lifestyle journalist writing primarily about food and wine (indeed, he is a certified sommelier). Autodidact, occasional iconoclast and resolute freelancer, he has also enjoyed stints as a screenwriter, cartoonist, and co-producer of one of Canada’s most storied wines.

This penchant for creative pursuits and the rumbling of familial genes eventually inspired the formation of Leon Drexler, one of the few labels in the world devoted to the artisanal production of high-quality custom felt dress hats for men. It’s a vocation that time, fashion and standards of excellence had nearly other words, irresistible.

The company name is an homage to Stephen’s parents, Leon being his father’s first name and Drexler his mother’s family name.

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