But please read on...

It has been a great pleasure to make hats for all of the customers I’ve had the good fortune to serve over these last several years. I do not retire out of hardship or necessity, but simply a desire to move on to a new chapter. 

But there is good news: I am passing my studio on to a younger man, Matthew Ryan Heeley, to whom I am providing training and consulting on an ongoing basis. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed this process considerably, so it will still be a while before Matthew is fully operational. When things are up and running, it will be posted on my Instagram page, link below.

Of course, there will be changes as every hat maker brings their own sensibility to the craft, and Matthew will no doubt fashion the business in a way that best serves his vision and objectives. I will provide my knowledge and experience to help him succeed in whatever way I can. 

In the meantime, I will leave this website accessible as a general reference. Obviously, much of it is now defunct, but some parts may still prove useful for anyone wanting information about felt hats.


I Have Retired!
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